Berkos Properties & Development



At Berkos, you can expect to find quality property management. This includes operation, control and oversight of any kind of real estate in Cyprus, Limassol. We also offer the service of personal property management. Therefore, equipment, tooling, and physical capital assets will be available to you so you get the most quality service and a smooth and stress-free operations.

Management Services

The property management services at Berkos include the following:

   – Rental property advertisements

   – Handling any and all tenant inquiries

   – Selecting candidates that are suitable

   – Drawing up lease agreements

   – Administering move in inspections

   – Moving the tenants into the property

   – Collecting rental income

   – Managing property maintenance & restoration fees

   – Property maintenance costs, utility bills & taxation transactions

   – Property insurance policies

You can trust Berkos whether you have a single rental home or multiple investment properties. Professional guidance and rigorous processes help you get the best rental rate, with quality tenants who stay longer and take care of your property. In other words, with our services you’ll make sure of that one hundred percent. However, our service doesn’t end with just the sale. Experience we have collected at Berkos along with the aptitude in property management allow you, the customer, to retain comprehensive assistance and a comfortable life.

Best Property Management

We at Berkos are experts in maintaining all areas of the property. Furthermore, we are insuring the property and dealing with all local authorities (handling taxes and utility bills). The properties at Berkos are exclusive and in top-notch condition. This is all thanks to ongoing on-site visits and maintenance reports.

With quality advertisements, professional advice, and moves we can make sure your investments skyrocket. Make sure you stick with Berkos because we promise great potential for success. All of the services are listed on our website and you can contact our support anytime you need us. Let’s make Cyprus an even more awesome place!

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