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About Berkos

Berkos is no longer an ‘investor on the line’, Berkos is woven into the local real estate market with many collaborations between Israeli and Cypriot professionals at all stages, from architectural planning and interior design to project management. Our best acquaintance is with the Israeli investor, whether it is His first investment, regardless of whether he is an experienced investor, and with the latest fluctuations and developments in the Cypriot real estate market, allows us to identify development and entrepreneurial opportunities mainly in the urban but also the tourist areas of Cyprus, and make them accessible to the Israeli buyer.

We adhere to a strict European standard for safe construction against earthquakes and quality insulation from noise and climate, take care of quality building materials and supervise the construction processes including meeting targets and quality control, all this with full transparency and real-time updates along the way including a 24/7 closed circuit camera to view the property Whenever you want, so you can be sure that the property you purchased is built, marketed and managed in the most optimal way with a high return and zero effort on your part.

With Berkos you are never alone, and if you still feel like checking us out, we are 40 minutes away from you, looking forward to seeing you and presenting to you the progress we have achieved for you at each and every stag

Ariel Berger, CEO and founder

Ariel Berger, the founder of Berkos, is a graduate of the University of Miami, USA, where he studied for a degree in business management and marketing. Throughout his career, he worked in various industries including ad-tech, high-tech and gained a lot of experience in these fields. After realizing the potential that lies in the Cyprus, which combines an optimal mix of a comfortable climate, a relaxed and pleasant culture, multiple real estate opportunities, an urban development boom and an open government policy, decided to move and live there permanently with his family.

With a rich resume of dozens of successful projects, and after a decade of doing and in-depth understanding of the Cypriot market trends, the Berkos company jumped to the top of the entrepreneurship industry in Cyprus and continues to find real estate solutions for many investors, develop and promote urban and tourism plans and outline a safety net for entrepreneurs and experienced investors as well as for buyers that this is their first transaction on the island and they lack the appropriate knowledge or experience.

The Berkos company believes in a high commitment to the customer, while adhering to innovation, a high construction standard, close supervision of each project from the architectural plan stage to the end of the construction with a particularly high level of finish. In order to do this, Berkos has formed an Israeli-Cypriot team that does everything under one roof, and accompanies every investor from the selection of the property and its purchase to its management or sale according to his wishes and requests.

We will be happy to see you in our office in Cyprus,

Ariel Berger

CEO of Berko

Our Team

Berkos Developer & Properties is composed of a core team led by a strong track record of project management, both land base & internet marketing, real estate valuations and finance. We are passionate about what we do, and possess all skills in house, assuring the highest level of planning, executing and delivering cutting edge projects.

Joshua Leybovich


Demitris Zoz

Interior Designer

Eleni Christou


Pini Petel

Construction Engineer

Christos Christou

Civil Engineer

Milan Paunović

IT support

Lital Haba

Social Media

Petros Zachariou

Graphic Designer

Sophie Christoforou

Office Manager

Keren Dahan

Customer Relations Manager